New Chiller| Heat Pump| from Aggreko

New Chiller with Heat Pump

Aggreko has developed and announces the availability in Q4 2011 of air-cooled reversible fluid chillers, designed for water or water-Glycol cooling or heating (heat pump).

The units supply cooling capacity in temperature range of -12°C/+15°C with absorbed Power of 251 KW and heating in range of +15°C/+50°C. The units are designed to provide the lowest ever noise-level on the market of chillers and a small footprint, perfectly suitable for the event market.

For the temporary ice-rinks season, the units can be used to both chill the ice-rink before the event and then "un-chill" the circuits by circulating hot water, resulting with a faster and cheaper decommissioning than ever.

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