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Aggreko Rental Cooling Tower Services

When a cooling tower fails or when a short-term problem overwhelms the capacity of a tower Aggreko Cooling Tower Services (ACTS) will have a solution.

Our expertise has been called on for everything from restoring operations at a steel plant 2,000 miles away to keeping a power plant online during a sub-zero freeze.

Our experience and capability and a large fleet of temporary cooling towers TowerPack®

has dramatically reduced the risks involved with process- cooling at facilities across the world. We can:

  • Maximise your production during hot summer months or peak demand times
  • Maintain production while performing cooling tower repair and maintenance
  • Reduce costly downtimes after disaster strikes
  • Meet or exceed environmental and safety standards without compromise

With 24-hour availability and the largest fleet of modular cooling towers in the industry, we can help you address emergencies, maximise production and keep your operations running smoothly when the heat is on.

To find more information on our cooling tower rental applications, please browse our Case Study library or visit the Industries section in this website.

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Bij Aggreko kan u een groot aantal modulaire TowerPack koeltorens huren. Of u nu een koeltoren wilt huren voor een panne, noodgeval of meer koelcapaciteit. Met ACTS heeft u steeds een deskundige en betrokken partner aan uw zijde.

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