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WCC 750 kW Hire Chiller

You can hire the WCC 750 kW chiller for a variety of applications, such as process cooling and air conditioning.

The WCC 750 kW chiller has specifically been designed for the rental market.

  • Highly reliable and proven design, class leading in all applications 
  • Portable 20' container frame assembly with 4 point ISO lift facilities and forklift pockets
  • Broad temperature control operating range in all climates
  • Condenser and fan guards provide protection against accidental site damage
  • Control panel viewing window
  • Full CE Design Compliance

The WCC 750 kW chiller is easy and quick to install. It can be used for all kinds of applications.

  • Three-phase and earth electrical connections, no neutral cable required
  • Standard 4" camlock fluid fittings and valves on inlet and outlet ports for quick hose connection
  • Oversized compressor oil heaters to reduce warm-up time
  • Designed to "plug and play" with all Aggreko temperature control ancillaries (hoses, pumps, manifolds, heat exchangers, buffer tanks, etc.)

Environmentally Friendly

  • Ozone friendly
  • Hermetically sealed compressors to minimise potential gas leakage 
  • Low noise design-attenuated compressor shields and low speed airfoil propeller type condenser fans
  • 'Night set back' switch reduces night time noise levels even further

Advanced Technology

  • Microprocessor controller for accurate and reliable operation
  • Self diagnostic start-up sequence reduces commissionning time
  • Easy to read and adjust the control panel including inlet and outlet temperatures, system pressure, set point parameters etc.
  • Adaptive controls maintain a very stable temperature under all system conditions (variances in ambient temperature, flow rate changes etc.)
  • Can be enabled for remote control and monitoring (Telemetry)

Aggreko's range of industrial chillers is part of a complete set of temperature control equipment and ancillaries to satisfy all your HVAC requirements both commercial and industrial. This includes diesel and electrical heaters, air handlers, air conditioners, cooling towers, dry coolers, heat exchangers, buffer tanks, fluid pumps and hoses.

From our depot in Antwerp we supply you in every city in Belgium, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Ghent, Brussels, Liège,... In no time we are at your site with all the equipment, fully operational. Don’t forget we also deliver your order in Luxembourg.

Bij Aggreko kan u de WCC 750 kW chiller huren voor uiteenlopende applicaties, zoals proceskoeling en airconditioning en dit in verschillende sectoren.

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