Rental Heat Exchanger shell and tube-shell and plate-Aggreko

Heat Exchangers

Sometimes, the optimal method to heat or cool a process or a fluid is not through direct contact, but with a rental heat exchanger that keeps the process fluids separate while allowing energy to be transferred.

Temporary heat exchangers available for your specific processes

Aggreko addresses these specific needs with a line of skid-mounted rental heat exchangers in shell-and-tube, shell and plates as well as plate-and-frame designs. These units can be used in a range from -50°C up to +250°C and up to 40bar and complying with PED pressure vessel code.

Aggreko cleaning procedures and sanitary designs allows also usage in high-purity applications.

Specialized Rental Heat Exchangers from Aggreko

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Our specialised heat exchangers range in size from 11,6 to 159 sq .ft. To find more information on our heat exchanger rental applications, please browse our Case Study library or visit the Industries section in this website.