Aggreko APS team offers following services to your process

Aggreko Process Service team

A team of process engineers will travel to customer sites and work with local engineers to define the problem and review the alternatives available for providing a cost-effective solution.

  • Process Design Package (PDP) - Package is created once the project scope is defined and the solution is agreed upon. The package will provide all information needed to meet MOC requirements, conduct process safety reviews, and facilitate operator training necessary for safe start-up and shut down. APS provides all engineering data and simulations to ensure that the project installed meets the expected performance criteria.
  • Project Management - APS will provide project management and work with the customer’s project manager to make sure the installation and start-up of the project is appropriately handled.
  • After-Action Report - Generated at the conclusion of the project, this formal report is discussed with the customer. It outlines the project benefits, best practices utilized, lessons learned, and recommendations for future improvements.

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