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HV Capability

Working with high voltage (HV) power, you need to be a specialist. Although some companies offer HV solutions and equipment, Aggreko is the world leader in temporary power rental, with over 50 years’ experience in providing power solutions in a broad range of voltages to industries across the world.

Aggreko provides added value services to its customers by offering the highest quality equipment teamed with extensive HV experience. Our rental solutions can be tailored to match your requirements, from temporary stand-alone site power, to baseload-scale multimegawatt power for regional grids.

No matter what your requirement, somewhere in the world Aggreko has done it before.

Why Choose Aggreko?

Strict Health and Safety Policy
At Aggreko, safety is paramount. We operate to the strictest HSE policies and procedures to ensure a safe working environment.

Specialist Project Managers
Our highly trained HV technicians are given intensive training specific to our HV equipment, ensuring they can provide you with the best possible service.

Premium Equipment
Aggreko’s equipment is purpose-built for rental in our ISO-9001 accredited manufacturing facility, based in the UK. Only the highest quality parts are
used, including ABB switchgear.

Turn-key Service
All aspects of the project, from engineering and design to commissioning and operation, can be handled by Aggreko, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Rapid Deployment
With over 190 service centres worldwide, Aggreko can provide equipment and services rapidly, no matter where your project is located, saving you critical downtime.

Reduced Capital Expenditure
Rather than paying a lump sum for expensive equipment with long leadtimes, utilising Aggreko allows you to amortize equipment costs over the life-cycle of a project.

Additional Services
Aggreko provides more than just high voltage equipment; we also offer loadtesting of HV installations to ensure that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency.

High Voltage Applications

On-site Power Supply:

  • Prime or back-up power
  • Emergency and contingency planning
  • Distribution of HV power on site
  • Generators with fuel options available: diesel or natural gas

Grid Connection Delays

When your grid connection is late, Aggreko can power up your installation to allow it to be tested and commissioned on time.

HV Power Testing:

  • Rotary Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) tests
  • Back up power during scheduled maintenance of generators /turbines and HV equipment
  • HV power for testing of equipment during commissioning
  • Customer acceptance tests of HV equipment
  • Testing of HV switchgear

Utility Applications:

  • HV power during outages or planned maintenance
  • Cable flux and alternator flux tests
  • Testing and commissioning of renewables projects
  • HV balancing services for national grid
  • HV power back up during rebuilds and upgrades

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Key Features:

  • Zero-sync load up for seamless power transition
  • Purpose-built transformers
  • ABB switchgear as standard
  • Customised, high voltage cables
  • 24/7 safety monitoring
  • Turn-key service
  • Rapid response, anywhere in the world

HV Experience Across Many Industries

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