Discover the Aggreko advantages of our gas generator.

Gas Generator

Innovative solutions

Gas generators are extremelly flexible

Cost efficient

This is driven by liquid fuel cost, Emissions legislation,noise concerns.

Natural gas is becoming much more widely, available through pipelines and LNG terminals.

Gas package solutions

Aggreko offers a gas packaged solution that offers : cost efficient electricity generation, exceptional performance and reliability, flexibility, reduced environmental impact.

Reduced environmental impact

100% TA-LUFT compliant with NOx emissions below 500 mg/m3

Contributes to the reduction of greenhouse goses

Combined Heat and Power Benefits

Gas power solution allows customers to use heat generated to produce hot water for the customer's own CHP units

Huur uw (bio)gasgenerator bij Aggreko indien u een milieuvriendelijke oplossing zoekt in geval van nood, bij het opvangen van piekbelasting of bij een gepland onderhoud aan uw installatie. De Aggreko gasgeneratoren kunnen ook dienst doen als mobiele WKK.

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